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the.earthWant to find jobs in China? You are in the right place. We work with many Chinese developers who are developing luxury projects. We also work with many Chinese design firms who could connect you with many Chinese clients by working with you as a team. All you need to do is to listen to us with patience, provide all the information that is relevant and important to our clients, and promote your services the way we suggest. Basically, we believe the internet and smart phones are the most effective platform of promotion. If you agree, let’s start.
Are you a freelancer designer or you represent a design firm?
A: I represent a design firm | I am not representing any firm, just me

Our first question is:
Do you have a brochure listing all of your best works? If you don’t, well, there is no need to continue because neither our clients nor Amasia Marketing Consultants want to talk to a design firm which do not have a brochure to show to their clients, even though you may say your clients are all very special and you are not allowed to show their houses to us.

You do have a brochure? Click here.

Good, you have a brochure but do not send it to us yet. You can just send us your website link for us to understand your service and your team because we read English. But our clients don’t. If you want us to recommend you to our clients, you MUST have a brochure that is in Chinese. We cannot forward a brochure to them written in a language they do not read. It will make us unprofessional.
Click here if you want to find out what our suggestions are regarding an effective brochure, especially for Chinese clients. It’s good to read this article so that you can improve it, before you get it translated.

Have you hired anyone to translate your brochure yet?

No | Yes we have.

Another important marketing tool you need is a website that is translated into Chinese. And please make sure it is not blocked by the Chinese government like many design firms’ websites are. The reason your website might be blocked here is that it shares one server with many other websites, some of which are considered unfriendly by Chinese government. To avoid this, you can simply pay for a dedicated IP for your website. Ask your hosting company how to do this. If you would like us to tell you if it’s block here, please reply to this post using the commenting form below.

Is your website blocked in China?

I just requested you to check it up for us by commenting this article. | I do not have a website of our own language yet.

A website reflects the design firm’s taste, ability, experience. Because we have seen brochures from the designers that are not 100% honest, we always check on their website because it is less dishonest. If you have a sub-website that is written in Chinese, it will give you a lot more chances to win projects because you will leave a lot more clearer pictures to the potential clients. Yes we Amasia team read English but our clients don’t.

Do you have a Chinese website?

No | Yes

Great! It seems you have worked in China before, which is very important for you to get more jobs here because China working experience is vital. Would you sign up this website of ours so that all of our clients and friends can find your information? It’s free and it does not take more than 20 minutes. Many of our clients and friends use that website of ours to search for international design firms.

Also, if you are visiting China for one of your going-on projects in our country, and you want us to help you to meet with more potential clients, click here. Or you can read our instructions as of how to find Chinese designer teams as your partners and support. We can match you with local Chinese design firms who are actively looking for international designers to partner with. They will be great resource of your company.

Have you already done that? Click here.

If you are an international design firm who has already set up an office in China, please let us know.

You need a bridge to enter the China market
How do we create advantages for small design firms to win jobs
When a client chooses a designer/architect, they mainly think about Price, China Experience, Quality of Design, Well Known Projects and Celebrity Clients, Flexibility(Easy to Work With).
Because Amasia represents a number of freelancer designers and small size studios, we can always put together a team of different design firms, so that the team is just like a large international design firm. Most of the projects that need international designers are large scale ones like resort master planning, and only a complete team can do it well. Coordination among such a team is handled by our experienced project managers who speak both languages.
Your company may have no experience working in China, but a couple of other team members will have. However, they may not have won top design awards but you may have. So we combine all of you together to look better. If you sign up our websites, our local designer friends may choose to team up with you for some high end projects that they may not be able to handle themselves. Click HOME above to sign up that site.
Remember, before you reach us, think about bringing a team of your friends.

Most Chinese clients who are developers or large corporations prefer to work with a design firm. But most Chinese design firms would like to hire freelancer designers/architects to be their consultants/part time designers. Of course if any Chinese companies are hiring people like you, most likely they are successful Chinese design firms.
If you are serious, we need your resume and portfolio in Chinese so that we can recommend you to our friends. Do you have a resume that’s translated into Chinese?

Yes I have one. | No, it’s not translated.

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